Midsummer Day~~

Hello everyone~

I spent Midsummer Day and that weekend on our summer house~ I had actually pretty fun time there. :DI reallt scared I will die, because normally I just sleep~

Well here is my weekend~



First full day at our summer home. I was so tired whole day. Not sure why, but here everytime first day is just sleep sleep and sleep~ Hmm.. I slpet so much that I don't remember what I did. hehe..
Well hmm. Fisrt thing what me and my doggy did was that we went to swim~ Oh I love to go swiming in the morning. its so refreshing. Doggy had allready swam like million times. :D He love swiming.

Oh yeah~ let me introduce you to my doggy~ Zero say hello to u all~ :) I know he is sweet. hehe.. My silly bunny~♥

And he is that nice and sweet, that I can't eat anything without him. :DD Like u can see.

He will stare u all that time u eat. heheh.. 

In the evening our family friends came and invited us to test their new smoke sauna~ That was so good. I really like sauna. 
After the sauna me and my sister played a one game and I'm so sure that leech mechanic is a vocation, right?? :DDD heheh [hopefully I used right word now] 
Then back to our summer home i the rain..... pff..... and few siders and food and football and then sleep. Normal evening~

watter: +21 'c  laughs: million and too much :D
frogs: one little one



 It was way too cold to go swiming in the morning. But after 11:am or something sun started to shine again. ♥ Hehe.. We made a cake for my dad and granny because their upcoming b-days and name days. Here is one special tool that u can whisk whipped cream. :DD It don'thave a name yet, so if u have something on ur mind tell me. 

Precisely it is just drill and whisk together. :D hehe.. Thts it. Its pretty cool.

I took lots of pics this time. Well pretty many r to my doggy and example in this pic, I'm pretty sure he play sea cucumber or something~ :DD

Here is pic to my granny's childhood home~ There i so beautiful~♥ Love that place~

One day I will go there and sit down and write a song~ I'm so sure of it~

That was pretty normal Midsummer Day then. But I promise that I won't drink ever again. :DD It make u crazy. I watched Football!? Usa vs. Ghana or something if I remember right. heheh.. I even thought that it was fun to watch the mach. :DD Now I don't know what have happened.

Final thing~ There were so beautiful moon~

 Or what u think~ njah~♥

watter: 21'c  breakfast: porridge, two sandwiches, juice,
doggy pics: way too many :33



Time to go home~ :)
It was sunny day luckily and time went fast~

It's important when u have to be long time in a small car, that u take good snacks with u. :D

I looove those Elovena snack-biscuits.♥ *nomnomnom* Well I can't eat normal biscuits, 'cause I don't eat any sweets and stuff. :DD

And second; U have to remember to look pretty landscapes~♥

And that was my Midsummer weekend~ :) I hope everyone had great weekend as well~

So now see ya~!!




Oh there is so sunny day~ ♥ Soon me and family will jump in to the car and drive to our cottage. Middle of nothing. :D Hopefully I figure out something and not die for boredom.


Hmm.. I started to think Marie again~ One of my fav bands. I want last Sunday back.
Marie's gig at Tampere and afterparty. Arigatou -kai-, haiji, shito and MIYA u were on fire!! :DD Hope u enjoy ur trip here. :)

I started to think that I bought andgot too much Marie stuff. hehe. 

Two Marie-cloths, t-shirt, stickers, haiji's setlist, -kai-'s watter bottle, "Marie"-cd (only thing I had to bought :D) and posters~ heheh

So amazing gigs. Both of them Helsinki's and Tampere's. Can't wait that guy's come back~
We love u Marie~ :)

I will write more about that trip someday, but now I have to go~~

See ya soon!




Allright its lovely day today~ Sun is shining and stuff~ Yeah haih everyone~! :)

So first blog note.. :) I try to get this blog completely done soon as I can.. :)

So little about my blog now~
I will write about my life and hobbies~ Music and my own band things, gigs, parapara, cosplay and just random stuff. :D

I really hope u enjoy and suggesting what I could do better and if u want that I write about something else~ :)

So bye for now!