Hello its me again~~ So long time I have wrote here. Well lot have happend.

I have been now few weeks on our granny's hose. Before we left I spent  two days to my good friend's dad's place. We had so much fun with Mara. have to say; Mauri~♥♥ : DDD *piip*

~~~Here is Mara. And her opinion that I took pics.~~

~~The landscapes were so amazing there.~~

~~I take pics when I'm in the car....I know... Not that good~~ :DD

~~We were swiming as well one day and we did a sand castles. Hehe.. Like little kids. This first one is Jaffa castle~~

~~I came thirsty and I took the bottle so there was left only a sand castle~ : DD

~Pretty cool??~

~~First night there - pine apple - which I bring. Good pineaple ~~*nomnomnom*

Hmm, what else. Oh! We went to Degerby to some market place or what ever it was and i bought shoes~♥

We were a long walk one evening. Where we met a one funny guy with a bike. hahah.. He try to talk to us all the time. : DDD njaaaa~~ How he will go up to the hill and come down and how he won't use brakes? heheh..

And I took loots of pics when we were walking~~

~~Little little frog~~♥

~~Shadow friends~~♥

~~Beautiful views again~~

~~Heheh.. I read wrong this one. And yes it is finnish and I wont translate that. :DDDDD Too difficult ever read it righ.~~

~~And finally little horses..~

~~..which played hide and seek with us at first and we though there is just two horse~~

 ~~But we realize there is Three horses~~ : DD

We have been on our summer home again as well. A week there, I allmost become nuts. :D

Then I have met one Finnish Talent finalist something a two weeks ago.
Markku Laamanen. I really started to like him. :) Go Markku!!Go Markku!!

Well what else oh we rescued a little cat yesterday when we were home one day. Oh how cute it was~~ Mapu like I called it. I think it really liked us, because it didn't want to leave. :DDD But I write more about Mapu soon. I promised. That little heard breaker~♥


Summer games:  Croquet, cards, swiming contest with the dog,   Writing: LITTLE!! Finally...
Frogs: Way too many :D ♥    Laughs: Million!    Twitter laughs: Even more than regular laughs... : DD



Okey now I really some reason wanna write thi much~~ I'm sorry~ :)

But hai~ I wanna thanks to my friends who showed me DOG - DOG in THE parallel world orchestra~♥
I totally love there guys~ :)

I don't have to do anything else than listening them 10 second and I feel hyper~ :D




Here is now three songs which I have listening WAy too much~~ And I really think that I will cosplay Haru one day~ :33


And now we can talk about my will coming cosplays;

* hide [his all costumes]
* Haru from DOG
* Miku from An Cafe & Lc5
* Yomi from Naitomea
* Hitsugi from Naitomea
* DJ SiseN

I know there is much costumes, but those r what I really wanna cosplay one day~ ♥
Specially hides and Harus costumes~

I have a plan to cosplay hide's all costumes~ :DD


And now totally random thing~
I did my nail today~ :DD I had extreme boring day today, so I started to play with ideas~

 And now my nails looks like this;

I kinda like that safety-pin thing say ppl anyhtnig~~ :33

But now I think I have to go cleaning the house~
Friend and little little girl come over tomorrow so~♥

Seeya! :)


Zero's new clothes~~

Okey~ I start the new item now. Its about my doggy and his passion. Hai he looove clothes. :DDD
Don't ask me why. He have so much fur that he could give that to all of those hairless dogs and he still have a fur~ :DD And he still likes clothes~

But hai my dog loves clothes~ And I wanna say that he won't wear clothes or "clothes" everyday~ :) Example now he had to get his own cosplay costume when me and mom did mine. :DDDD [he didnt leav us alone untill he get own cloth]

So lets start~ Here is Zero's two new ''clothes'' :DD

Here he have tie~~ :DD And oh he was happy~♥♥

And here is Zero's cosplay costume~~ I really don't know who he cosplaying, but he wanted to go out like that~ :DD hehe..

So if this dog don't like clothes?? :DDD

So Zero say haih to all of u and seeya later~~ :)


Tracon V~~

okey~ hey again!

Now I will write about the con weekend at Tampere~ Hopefully I remember all. :DD

So~ I woke up 7.00am. Late!! But luckily my friend texed to me that I finally woke up. I had about an hour time to get ready. Our train left 8.22 so hehe.. :DD

So my sis was ready early [haha very funny] and my frined walk in when I did my hair. Arg! :DD
And somehow we left 8am. WHOOO!

On the train station our friend waited us and we jumped to train.


Trip was fun :DD and few older lady look at us pretty long. Well we look pretty weird with our cosplay-costumes.

We arrived to Tampere and we left my sis with our family friend. After that we started to navgateing to the com-place - Tampere talo and we actually even found that place!!

After we carried our stuffs to cloakroom, we started to walking around the con-place and killing time. There were so many amazing cosplays~♥♥

I totally fell in love with Versailes cosplay and Pyjama Bananas.. :DDDD♥♥

Saturday was pretty much there then. Just hanging around with old and new friends and we had so much fun~ :)

Con day ends and we started to killing time at the park and waiting our that night-place call~ Thanks Jyrki that u standed us. :DD But we had fun nigh as well and we fell to sleep quickly, well I heard so.


We had to woke up 6.00am on Sunday morning 'cause Jyrki had to go to work early to Tampere talo. Oh I HATE mornings~~ :DDD Whole morning were like one mess. :DDDD Luckily I didnt have to put my cosplay on.

We jumped to buss and navigated to our breakfast place and omnomnom that was good~~ :333 *sleepysleepy*
 And after I get my cosplay on we started to walk towards Tampere talo.

Whole day were again very fast; killing time, little shopping, taking pics, laughing, meeting ppl and jumping around.

I bought new back~ :33 I totally love it. Candy land back. [maybe pics later]
25€ only..... well only and only. :DDD But I lov it~

To my sis I bought Pockys and Silver Fang poster~ :33

We also to karaok room~ and I actually sang~ hehe.. It was fun to sing japanese~
Naitomea's Aluminia~♥ And thanks to that Vocaloid who give lots of praises~ :33 hehe.. Even u were little scary~ njaw~

Whole Tracon ends and we stay little while to the park again and hehe group of park-gymnastic exercises ppl....?!?! hehehe Sorry but we just couldn't stppo laughing when half con-ppl go dancing with them~ :DD

We had to go to get my sis from train station and till train leave we had lots of time..... Well what is funnier than get little Who have smallest boobs contest~ :'DDDDD I WON! Yeah I know silly, but we had lots of fun when we tighten our corsets middle of the train station. :DDD

Well after we leave from Tampere we found time to go wrong train. hahah.. What a trip. :DD
I apologize that we were so noizy. And thanks to our trip company~ ♥ :DDD

Well there were Tracon 2010~ Here is few pics~~

My cosplay~~ :DD

And well.. hheheh hai.. U cant btw stand up the chair when someone hanging to ur leg~ :DDD

maro begging~~ :DDD

Weather - +30'C                         Birds - Muppet chickens, seaguls and peacocks♥
Cosplays - million col one :33       New friends - Maybe 3-4 or more :)

Seeya again soon~!!





Ooh~ How I looove my upcomming cosplay-costume. I will cosplay [_Vani;lla]'s bassist maro. :)
He is so funny guy~♥♥ :DDD

amm.. Allmost everyting is ready now.
I took a  pic when my overalls was half ready. It was kinda interesting.

There is whole thing~♥

Oh, and here is my honey and his shoes~ :33 He really just love to sleep middle of shoes....? hehe.. Cute~

But Now only pockets, zipper, belt and collar left~ :)

Then I have to paint that number four to shirt. And I have to paint the shoes as well.

Ooooh~ Then.. its pretty much ready....

Can't wait the weekend~ :) ♥

And Monday~ :DD

But now have to go~