So much have happend now~

Well Finnish So You Think You Can Dance-show started last night, but you can read about that from my dance-blog. :)

Yesterday we cafekkos and others saw and heard, An Cafe's Miku's projeckt Lc5's new pv and single. Single's name is Loveless.

Loveless [pv]

Video was totally amazing. I'm so happy to see Miku so happy again. And what I've read from Twitter, he is happy. Oh and Aki looked great as well. :D
Now I've listening that song like 100 time over and over again and I wanna still listening that one more time. Guys, you did it. I'm hoocked!

Video have made so well. I really wanna know who directed. Good job!! I really don't know why I everytime just stare that part of video where Miku drop the botlle from his hands and it broke down and it start to burn. Just so cool part. hehe..

But yeah.. I've now one bigger project coming. But I will write about that later when I've sure information. :)

And what I do today. I will go to school soon and then play with the X-tribute. We have two new songs to play; Weekend and Silent Jealousy~♥

So SeeeYa!! Before I'm late. :DDD



New blog~

Hello again~

I came to informing you~

Can I introduce my new blog~  ~Dance ParaDaisu~

I did whole new blog for my dancing hobby now~ So all dance stuff you can fine there after this~ :33


* Talking about paraparas/dances which I learning at the moment 
*  I keep list of paraparas which I've learned
* Later maybe instruction to some choreographys
* Critiques and comment about different dance choreographys

Go and see~ :)




Hello there!

It have been loooong time no see. Sorry about that. Lazy~~ And now time..

Well I had wonderfull summer. Hopefully u all had as well.

Hmm.. Well I really don't remember my summer. All of it I mean.
So here is just few moments.

I've been at my ganny's house (allmost a month);

Here is little little hedgehog which I saw when I was runing~ It was so cute~ And little! :33

            ~Then we visit to Mikkeli one day~ Rainbow~

 ~U know, shopping can be fun. Me and my sis can prove it~

"Hello! I'm froggygirl!"

~We ate at Mikkeli as well in that day. Nomon looks good and tasted great.~ :DD

And then one higlight of my summer~
I saw my best friend. hehehe..♥ And we had a game night.
We apologize our english. It's really better than what it looks like. :DDD

Let me introduce u Alibaba and his camel. I love and hate this game. Heheh.. We played this A LOT!

Here is our second video which we filmed. heheh.. Hope u like it. : D

We played two other game as well in that night. One was some kind of skull game.. I really don't remember what it was. But u had to take bones out of the skull without that skull start to laught to u. :DDD

Then we had a Totoro and Avatar night. I FINALLY saw Totoro~♥ Totally loved it~

~That was our movie place~ And btw, try to find a toaster in the pic.~ :''33

~And there is our snack~ :33 Like u know I don't eat candys and stuff so kinda healthy movie snacks~♥ nomnom~

I think my life is gona change soon.. Hopefully..... But more abaout that soon~ :)

But that was it~  The End my summer~

njaa~~ See ya~ :)


Little too much~

How much one person can take.

This week I have heard two things, bad things, and I start to panicking~~

I know maybe for nothing but I cant help it.

First I heard earlyer this week that Vistlip, one of my fav bands, have been in car acsident. Pretty bad one.

And now few moments ago I heard that Marie's, again one of my number one bands, bassist have something wrong with his heard~

Hope all Vistlip's guys will be ok soon as possible~♥
And I will pray for MIYA~♥