This life or the next~

I think that person who has figured out how to write is just Genius!! You can do so much with just little piece of paper and a pen. I don't know where I would be or do if I ever wouldn't leared how to write lyrics and poems. Few years ago I just suffer when we had to write poems and stuff in school. Now, I can't stop writing. So thanks to those few people who kinda taught how to do it.

I wrote most of the times when I have to clear my mind and actually last time I wrote something was today. If we don't count today... I'm not actually sure when I last time wrote something. Kinda scary. I'm pretty addicted to writing as well. [I think I'm addicted pretty many things?] Specially when my head is full of thoughts. And I even like some of my texts. What a achievement. Well I don't know did I have something else what I had to write on here. Well If I had I don't remember hehe. This was like a quick add or something.

So seenyaaa~

Song of the day~ Adore by lynch.


How dear your friend's really are?

I have had few very deep conversations in this few days now and I have notice pretty big changes in myself. How much you can really care of someone. So much total new emotions that even sleeping and eating have beed hard. Maybe I have became little stronger now.

I have allways knows that I highly care of people who are dear to me, and who I love, but still I have allways pretty much do nothing when they have needed me. Maybe I haven't knew what to do and I have scare have to be honest and i have been weak. I allways thought as well that I'm that kind of person who can't say anything. Can't talk about her feelings. I think I have been little more open, which is actually little scary.
I have few times thought what friends, and most of the all this few ones, really means to me, but I haven't maybe ever fully realize it how much; well.. now I know..

~~It have been little over an year that we met the first time. I can still remember that whole evening. And since then I have allways knew that you will be part of my life, allways. All those moments we have gone through and all those long long talks we had have. Sometimes I forgot that you are really younger that me, because sometimes you sounds so much more wiser than me. I want to apologize that I haven't been maybe the perfect friend allways. You are like a little sister to me and I love you. You will be allways in my heart no matter how faraway you really are. And.. I will keep my promise when I said to you; " I won't ever leave you." My angel, There is no words to thanking enought for that, I had you in my life.You know what I mean~~

~~We have shared pretty much everything. It's amazing how easy it is to talk to you, even about those the most difficult things and how you allways notice if something is wrong. And you really are like second mom or something to me, even it sounds silly. I want to thanking you that you have allways been there, even I know I have been pretty terrible daugther sometimes. I'm sorry. eh.. All the advices and tips for life I got from you; Thank you. I hope so much we can finally meet one day. Soon. You will be allways be one of those which I highly respect.~~

~~Even we have known only so little time, still in that little time, you have started to be even more and more important to me. I want to say that I miss you. All what I said then was true and I haven't be so...that is one of those rare rare moments when I have been so serious in my whole life and say things so openly from deep in my heart and to me, it's hard really say what is really in there. I haven't have this kind of feeling maybe ever before and this all is so new to me, which makes me pretty crazy. It's so weird when you find youself just sitting there on online, just waiting that you can talk with someone. I just hope I won't scareing you away now eh.. I don't know what will happend now or then when we meet, which I hope will be soon, but I hope what ever then will happen, we will be still a good friends. I just don't want to lose you.~~

~~I allways thought that in my school can not happend anything good, but well what happened. I don't remember exactly how we met, only that we met in our school's christmas-band's rehearsals. We just started to talk and now we talk pretty much everyday. You really are that kind of person who I can just tex about even the most stupiest things on eatrh. heh. Or tell if something isn't ok. Thank you that you have been patient and listen. One of the most important friend in my life. And when you asked me to be a godmother to our littleman I really didn't know what to say. Friends forever.~~

And lastly to all of my friends - Thank you. I love you. And without you I wouldn't be nothing~

Song of the day~ Teleks - Kotimatkalla