Winter's hight fashion!!

Heyyyaaa!! It's Zero's new clothes time!! I have wso cute photos for you~ :33 Little this winter's high-fashion and little more.

So 1, 2, 3 and GO !!!

Here you can see how you should dress up when you go out. And warm hats and different unusual scarfs are this winter's thing!

 Here little poseing for you~ I'm so cute!!

 We had little winter cloths inventory with mom~ I found so many cool things!!

And finaly like i said warm hats are big hit in this winter!! 


And now little more winter stuff. I love winter and snow almost more than everything!! 

 Here my dear owner took a pic right before we went inside. 
*and this pic also like to be difficult one i can see*

I really think that my owner has some kind of addiction to my nose and macro-pics? 
Don't you think?

And second one~


Here finally little video about me!! hehe enjoy~

But there was it - seeya next time!! Ejoy the winter!!♥


It's winter now~

I have took lots of pics that i can finally show how much here is snow♥ So this update is pretty much all pics. And later little Zero want to show to you this winter's high-fashion :) heh

Well i woke up on moring and looked outside - SNOW! And in one night almost all of that?!

 I don't know why the pic is like that now, but This much we have snow on our roof.o.o

Then let's continue the walk~

Here we are on, is this now Keravanjoki? heh Whatever. I pretty much allways past this place when i go walking.

I saw two pheasants. So cool. I don't know why exactly, but i like those creatures. :)

Here you can see few drakes ducks? I'm not sure what the word is in english. But well "few". I think there is at leats 50 of those. :D 
 This is kinda funny. That little squirrel turned around when i start to took pics~

And here little snow for you~

And more and more snow~

This place is beautiful when gets dark~♥

And oh my!! I finally can add some videos in here! But yeah, here little video trip on my walk now.


Then little random and not that random stuff;

I will scratch my skin of !! I bought new lotion for my skin from pharmacy yesterday. It's pretty heavy stuff and well it have to be, because i have pretty bad acne. ARG!!!! Seven years in this hell already, can't believe. I really wan't that this could finally end !! Even i know it won't untill i get enough money, that i can go to see skinspecialist or whatever it is. But I can say that i'm so tired to trying everything. So if you have clear, good, healthy skin; BE HAPPY about it !!! I can't even think how easy life would be without this thing. Sometimes i feel that it eats me inside out. *sigh* But let see will this lotion work - even a little. 


Then little school. Me and my classmate had very, let's say hard day on school in this week. We played all day tic-tac-toe. She won, and my tactic was only try to block her winning chances. (heh) But it was fun and totally hardwork !!

I think there was all today~ now let see what Zero want to say to you all.



Boooring !!!

Hello again! And sorry my laziness again.

I have been just so tired this whole week that this "whii let's write a blog" haven't sounded interestig at all. I try to write fast 'cause I need to leave soon. To Pasila, to play with the guys. heh

Week ago this our playing was ... well, we did play, but pretty fast after few songs they somehow tricked me or something, becuse one moment later I found myself sitting on the buss going to Pakkala(?) to party. heh

This was the next moring. And don't ask anything, I have to admit that I don't remember all. :DD Well we had fun ~ Thanks for all.


After the pretty nice hangover (sound so stupid haha), it was time for school again. We have this "your own stand" - project. An I going crazy with it !! Specialy when I have another project as well at the same time; our school's Open doors-day. *sigh* Well I know what I want to do. That is a BIG thing.

I just looove Teteris~♥


This my pico-playing is just nuts. I'm maybe little addicted like I have said earlyer. So god that I can't use real money in there. :DD 

My room~♥ Pretty huh?

... While I was cooking I totally forgot what I was writitng ... Not funny ... 

Oh yes! Zero want to say hello to all of you and remind of sleeping.It's dangerous to not sleep enough hehe.

My little honey love shoes - like me ♥

kroooh krooh ~

You love winter right? Oh, that is good now we can swap places? Here is so cold and so much snow that I don't know where I can go soon. :DD Ok then, I love snow, but does it have to be so freak'n COLD!!
I have to take a pic soon so you can see how winter here is. 
You know how easy it is to control yourself? It's cool when you succeed finally. I have been now allmost an year without any candys and stuff and I feel great. Even I have miss those stuff sometimes.But it's better like this. Now I have started to working out as well and If I can working out like allmost every day I would be so happy. I will do this now hehe.


And finally, I want to tell you that I know now next year's cosplays. Next year (if there is no changes) will be hide-year. I have though that I will start a group cosplay-project - hide with Spread Beavers on summer and on next fall maybe one more hide's costume. I luckily have one of my friends with me in this group cosplay allready. We need five more people with us. Then we will have full Spread Beavers. ♥

We will cosplay pv's Rocket Dive and Pink Spider ~ My favorite pv's (you can find then on youtube)

I really can't wait that cosplay and those hide's hair. Even I'm higly stressed out, because this cosplay can not go wrong!! It is hide after all. I promise to put at least 150% on this thing. :D I really hope we will found those five more people and got perfect group cosplay.

But now I really have to go or I will be late. :) Take care~ !!


song of the day~ Airplanes by B.o.B feat. Hayley Williams



First I want to ask how many watch stand up-comic?
I was shopping today with my mom and we bought two stand up-DVDs and I  say this now; Amazing!
I have laughed so much today because of this two stand up comedian. Two finnish guys Sami Hedberg and Niko Kivelä. (hehe) Amazing stuff. Just watch stand up comic.

My fav comedian are Sami Hedberg and Ismo Leikla. I have to have Leikola's DVDs. That guy just know how to d stand up! :DD

Ismo Leikola in Dublin

There you can see little bit what I mean. But this guy is genius.


But now I have to go. I go to pico and then to sleep. And no I'm Not addicted to pico.:D
And I apologize that this add was little ... not so good. I watch Niko Kivelä's show at the same time. Do not do this at home. (hehe)

seenjaa ~ Good night~

Sparkle sparkle~

Like you can see my blogs outfit have changed a litte. Actually pretty much. I thought that now when it's almost winter this need a new look. More like winter-look. And thanks to my friend for help but it's not all pink. :D (hehe) It can change still little, example the name maybe need little something and stuff, but you see then.

Well first if someone know how to add videos here please tell me. I don't know why I can't add videos here.

And then little things;
First I think I'm little addicted to ameba pico. Me and my friend competition how much we can got gummies. Not very clever I know. (hehe) Then I have been at my close friend's house because of certain things. Visiting my godsong and washed dishes. :) I'm glad that I can go somewhere when I really don't want to be anywhere~

Here is few pics from there; 

 This is one of my fav tv-series. And we watched only one DVD-box with my friend. Still two left. :D
And yes NOW I know who is David!

Here is little snowy lanscapes. They said on tv that we will have winter storm!? And we never saw that terrible winter storm then. And even this snowmelted away. Me and my friend just waited that we will have a horrible winter storm and then NOTHING! :DD Not fair.

And here is bus stop where I went to my friend's house. Buss number 70 (haha) And there was cold! But happily my dear bff warmed my day by calling me and entertained my buss trip with her stories♥ :33 (hehe)
Miss you~

I think that you shouldn't let people play with the camera in the buss.
 ....? There is car btw. :D

 Then tadaa! His name is Väinö a.k.a Väpä and I think you have seen him earlier here?
But he is my baby~♥ One of them I mean. And I really don't have a clue why he have to sleep like that.
He is one of the crazyest and weirdest kittys what I have seen. :D

 This is me and Väpä's snack. And I can just say that never leave food so, that the cat has even slightest chance of eating it. 

Little about my school. I'm in vocationa school and I will become exhibition builder one day I hope. Even this three four years have ben pretty difficult and hard for me I keep trying that I one day can walk out of that school with the papers and vocation. But what we do then? People ask that very often. We go to exhibitions for example. I don't like that so much and If I have to do this stuff I want to work in theatre or something similar. Movies, music videos and stuff.
But here is few pics from my school; 

 Somedays are just better than other have to say. And I love days like this.

 This I took when I was go home. Autumn~♥

 And this is what we do. That is so-called profile wall. Damn I hate those! (hehe)

There is little more.

There you can see things what I have sketched, exhibition carpet and my phone. :D


Then little not so happy things;
I just heard that my fav band has lost a member. I was really in shock because I heard this one month late! I really felt that I have let them down 'cause I didn't know about this. I'm sorry.
The band what I mean is Marie of course. I wish everything good to shito and whole Marie~♥ And I have to say, that their album have been one of the most listened albums in my mp3 and player~

I have thought that, if I would do a singing video on youtube. Thanks for my friend, who gave me this idea. (hehe) So I want to hear what you think about this? Is it a good or terrible idea? And maybe what you want to hear. :) 
Well I think there was all. Again so long, I apologize. ^^''' 
But now I really need to go to sleep. I have almost four hours time to sleep. And I have a loong school day tomorrow. People - sleeep!! :D
seenjaa~ and good night~
Song of the day~   Fragrance live by GACKT 


"Like it's her birthday~ !!"

Hello there !! Little break ehh. I alpologizeing that.
So much have happend that I don't know where to start.

Maybe I first tell that I'm godmothr now. :] And I have cutest godson in the whole world♥ Love him very much. I'm just so in love that I even don't see my friends when I walk past them !! :DD (yes this have happend yesterday)


Christening was few weeks back. Ohh that day was fun. 

Here I played with the camera while I was on the train.
Beautiful landscapes♥

Another pic when I play with the camera.

The church was lovely and ceremony small but beautiful. And I can say that my hands allmost died when I carry my little baby-godson whole ceremony. Big boy~~♥ (hehe)

 There is the church~

Well there was the christening. Next little bit about random stuff;

My knee isn't normal after this two months. And I have to say I'm so angry!! pff
So frustrating when you can't do things you normaly do. Dancing is still difficult, but luckily I found few dance's which I can dance. (where I don't have to use my legs) That really was big thing to me. Even something what I can do. Normally I dance and run and move a lot, but after that accident I had to stop all of those. My head really allmost couldn't handle it. I hope it will be better soon.


Then some of you maybe know (or remember) that I'm vocalist in the coverband. Xtribute (still our name heh) Well, I'm sort of kinda little panic. We maybe have our first gig on December and ARGG!! I don't want to know how I panic in that day if I'm like this right now. And yes I suffer little of stage fright. But it's better than that you would feel nothing. Even I look like crazy person when I just runing and jumping around before and after the gigs or when I have to perform. (hehe) Well, I really hope that I can give my 110% :]
"We are X!"


Then I'm in this Ameba Pico. (hehe) I think I'm little adiccted to it. :D 

 There my friend and I - we are in my friend's room. :) Sometime's I think I should take a break and not go to pico. But I have have new friend so naah :3

Then I don't remember did I tell everything. But little and quickly about future; 
One of my top favorite finnish artist just published his new album so in next time I maybe tell about that.

But so far I have to say Good night~ :) Have to go to school tomorrow.


Song of the Day~~ Like it's her Birthday remix by Good charlotte feat. Miyavi & Helsinki by Antti Tuisku