Heyoo everyone!! i have spied a little my blog's statistics or whatever it is and saw that some people actually maybe evn read my blog. Thank you ~ ! :)  As well my youtube chanel - in one week over 40 views in my newest video. Thanks !!

And then some other stuff. i got new phone finaly. My last one literally died so i needed a new one. and i have to say that i totally love my new nokia 5230 touch screen phone.♥ My phone's name is Jorma Henrik III. And yeah i know. You can thanking my friend which made up this name. but it's just perfect!!

i think it's more prettier than my mom's and sister's phones. They have same phone that i have - just dfferent color.

Only bad thing was that i'm so bad with new  phones. Specially this kind of so it took a while to learn everything. Pretty uch three days. hehe. Today i finally figured out how i can add music in my phone that i can listening all the songs. i know i'm stupid. :D

But have to say that this phone is amazing. i love to write text messages with this. Easy and fast, even i know that everyone don't like to actually write the letters by phone. Camera is pretty good as well. i like also that i can edit pretty much all menus the way i like. Only thing what i don't like is that Nokias can't read example japanese so i have to write all songs on romanji that i don't have to guessing between boxes and boxes. heh


Next thing - i can't wait till next weekend. i can see my best friend. i haven't seen her almost ... five months. So long - too long! Two years we have been together. gosss.. Can't really believe that just two years.
it feels like we have been best friend's forever. Even we have five years age difference it really don't feel like it. Almost that i'm that younger one. hehe. My angel. i try to figure out something to do to this week that weekend come faster.

i think it's all of today. :)
Thanks you once again for reading my blog ~


song of the day ~ limpid by xTRiPx



Soon it's time for Christmjas food !! ouh .. heh and then sauna and presents. :)
Christmas tree is beautiful and everything is ready for just relaxing !!
Zero waiting food and presents as well.

And i can eat sweets again !! Year without them. But now i don't want to eat it. heheh

So we wanna wish;
Hyvää Joulua !! メリークリスマス!! Merry Christmas to all !!


Warm memories and random stuff~

Quick quick add in here. i just don't know what i would write in this time, so i will write about random stuff. :DD

I have played just pico this two days. My good looking room *laughing*; 


Soon is christmas too. Wow i just really don't feel like christmas yet. Don't know why. Maybe i have been just too busy to notice it. Well christmas-spirit come at the latest then when you wake up early on christmas eve and you can just do your hair, and dress up and do you make up and just enjoy that peace. i have strange christmas-rituals i know. i just like to look nice on christmas. 

On Wednesday i will go to my school's christmas church with my good friend and my little godson. Who has grown alot. (o.o) hehe My big boy~♥


Then little about this my massive dyeing thing. i try to dye my hair. i want silver-color hair *at the moment*, but i think i will dye this blue or something soon. Because for some reason i can not get blonde hair. i have try now three times, but that perfect white. arg. i had red hair before i started thisproject.

~little bad pic of my hair sorry~

~i hope my hair will grown soon, i want longer hair hehe
But that is how they look like now pretty much~

Now i would love to have same kind of hair like aicle's Rubi have. But i know it's not gona happen yet. (-__-)

~i just love his hair ♥~ 


Then do you have any kind of obsessions? is it the right word. i have to say that i have few. And sometimes bad ones. hehe. i love faces, smiles, eyes, hair, hands, and voices and sounds ~ 

i noticed again that i stared a pic and couldn't undestant that someone have so cute face. hehe. Then i have to say that i love example Gackt's hands. :DD Oh no ... i love to watch videos where he play piano. And it's not like any kind of fetish, even all of you now think like that. (-__-) But i just love the way hands moveing when people play example. it's beautiful i think, i love to watch it. And if someone have a great voice, i love to just be quiet and just listen how people use their voices. it's pretty hard to explane i know. hehe But i know even some people know what i mean of this. heh, i hope. (^^)'''

oh - then i love candles. i like to burn candles and i can stare candel light for hours. ♥


i started to recalling last summer too. Specially gigs. i had so funny days when me and my friends go to see Marie. First gig was great, but this second day was just one of the greatest day in my life. i don't know how many days like that i have had. The trip to Tampere was just comical. Me and my friend + all those presents in the same train. 
i want to apoligize that we shocked one old lady in there. She looked very long when we started to finnish our presents to Marie in the train.

We jumped of the train in Tampere and if i remember right me and my friend finnished our make ups in the train station. After that we walked to the place where the gig was. There we then just sit that ... many hours ... i don't even remember how early we came there. There we then spent time and i wrote a letter and finnished my -kai- -drawing. i hope they liked those. (^^)''' That letter was pretty important to me really. Thank you Marie~ 

The gig was awesome like in Helsinki and i was so happy that we could meet whole Marie in after party. heheh. My friend knows that we have there fun time with -kai- and others.
i met new people and had so great time. Thanks to all. Atmosphere in the gig was so warm and amazing. Definaltey one of the best gig where i eve have been. Can't wait that guys come here again. i hope they do, cause i will be there in 100% !!!

Trip home was ... like from some random comedy ... First one man tried hit on my friend or something. He was scary by the way !! And then some drunk nice lady drove him away. After the man left she start to explane why she came to this same fastfood restorant where we was. And we heard as well her life story, which actually was pretty interesting. hehe Then we leave and some other man tried to hit my firend. Well on that same morning some guys tried to hit on me in Helsinki so. hehe. But that night in Tampere was interesting. Lots of laughing and screaming. ♥ We have to do this again guys !!

Those two days was really just something so great ~


i think there was all. i don't know anymore any subject which i can write. And i have to go to sleep. Even i have sleep alot in this two days i'm still tired.

seenyaaa soon ~ :)

song of the day ~ Scar, Seasons and Teddy bear by Hamasaki Ayumi


Rest in Peace ~

So heyoo again. :)
Now i can happily say that one of my school projects is OVER !!! And i don't have to see it anymore - never again HAHA !!

Well then little more serious stuff. My weekend wasn't great, and now it's going to be text about that. So i'm sorry if it sound stupid or anything. i just need to tell this to someone and this is pretty good place to do it.

But yeah it was 10.12, morning and i had time enough to be online a moment. i opened s.t.net and what i see.
HEISEI ISHIN vocalist Taku has died ; this was ... i really can't descripe those emotions which i had in that very same moment. i just read the page over and over again and was in totally shock. Actually i haven't still realize this horrible news. It just sound so unbelievable. That so young and so beautiful and talented person just had to left this world. Just about week ago i read the news that Heisei will disbanding end of this year and now ...  i really believed that we don't have to have no-more losts in this year. This year have been such a terrible year. I really pray strengths to the family and friends and oher fans.

But there i was, read the news and cried. i haven't cry so much in ages have to admit. And it was little shocking as well how big effect this had on me and have still. i can remember when i saw my first Heisei Ishin pv. It was Ruru and i was so amazed their style and how talented Taku was. Second was if i remember right Kakera i just love his voice so much. Now i couldn't listen any Heisei 'cause i started to cry right away. This few days have been really ... something which i don't want to have ever again.

And i know that i have know this band so little time. But i think how long you have listening the band don't really tell you how big fan you are. Because i can fall in love with one band after i hear just one song and then i just know do i like or do i not like the music. this have happened with every band and artist which are higly important to me nodays. And i don't like a lot of people who somehow just supposedly can say who is a big fan and who isn't.

It was hide's and Taku's birthday on Monday by the way. hide would be now 46 and Taku 22 *so so young*. I have this two candles which i will burn as long as they will burn. *ok not 24/7 - when i'm not home that i won't burn whole house of course* One for hide and one for Taku. You know, it's calming to just watch how candles burn ~ I hope you both have good to be there where ever you are right now. *almost crying again* And happy birthday to both of you ~ ♥


This all reminded me how short life is and can be. It's actually not that long so i have accomplish that what i have told some of my friend. That i maybe will do second youtube-account and add there some singing videos one day. heh Thank you for so great supporting guys. ♥ Specially Nao and Mizza my friend. :) I really scared to add this first one, but you both just encouranged me so much that i did it. Thank you~ So no on you can find me on youtube as -waWa-
i hope you like my adds and give me feedback. And tell if there is something you would love to hear or ask. I will add things there soon.

~I'm little closer to my dream i guess then~


Then i have some pics and stuff what i want to share with you.

~here is now~♥

~just random pic~

~those snowflakes looks just so funny~

~two landscape pics~

Then when i was walking home from school i saw this weird thing.  It looked like rainbow but ... there was no rain ?? It was pretty - heisei on my mp3 and just tried to catch those on camra.

~there was two of them - so pretty neeh?~

Now i think it was it.
I will write soon again and add pics - lets see if i found some pics from Zero.


+ little little minihide which i found on youtube - isn't he adorable !!



Heeyooo!! Here again, lunch time at school. heh
i'm so tired that i think i could sleep over 10 days. *njah* Now i play pico and propsing everyone. i know, kinda booring. What i should do right now? i should do this project, my school's Open Doors-day. What i want to do is go home and sleep !! i just want to grap my doggy in my arms and sleep. :DD *furry♥*

i hope i can stay alone at home in this weekend. i have homeworks, which i have to do and i really need a nice, quiet place. *sigh* Finaly some silent and peace~

But you have any plans for this weekend? :) i hope they are better and funnier than homeworks heh