Here we go again

back in business - With new winds and the brand new outfit. 

It have been long time no see. Sorry about that. And this first post in long time will be pretty much telling about this blog's future and new stuff.

Now i have learned much more about this Blogspot, like you may can see. Lots of new stuff, for example my Youtube channel and Twitter. And have to say i'm so addicted to Twitter nowadays, that i Love my twitter-gadget. heh.

Then i made profile as well. You can find it on Me-who?-page. heh. Then there is of course my dear Ameba Pico - i love it's new look so i add it ass well. So if you have Pico feel free to add me. :)

There is new page called News&Upcomings. In there i will add example upcoming covers and if i have some art works going on. Or events i will go. etc.

I think as well, that my english is little little bit better now [maybe 'cause all this tweeting heh] so i think writing will be easier. As a matter of fact i will little by little even forgeting finnish. I sometimes have to even ask what some words are in finnish 'cause i remember them oly in english. eeh. I will need soon a finnish teacher or something. But i know i will do mistakes still so i apologize that. And my laziness that if i have long post i maybe not proofread the text very good.

What i'm gona write about then now on? Like i have wrote on introduction about everything really. I try to figure out some intereting subjects [and i have few actually in my mind] and likewise some totally random stuff. And lot of pics! And maybe my dear baby Zero will have his own page as well. :)

But i really hope people would come to talk with me and left comments. :) I hope i can create an interesting blog for you.

But for now ~ seenyaa!

~Song of the day ~ Cube by GACKT~