The Huge Cleaning Operation~

Dear ladys and gentlemen!
Even i feel totally lazy today, i'm gonna tell you about this huge cleaning operation we did to our storeroom with my mom. I found a lot of old stuff; art works, toys, and some true treasures. And i think it's just easier to tell the whole story by pictures. So this post will be all about pics.

Here we go then!

~This is were we started. All that junk is from our storeroom. And there is only boxes!~

Here is some old art works, i have made in kindergarden and grade school;

 ~I think this is from kindergarden. 
We laugh so much when we tried to figure out, what i have tried to write. hehe.~

~"Car crash" Sorry what? There is bunnys in the pic.
Such a Picasso-thinking~

 ~I think it's a princess. 
I think now on, these pics are from grade school~

 ~I actually like this one.~

~Me Picasso again. hheh~

~This is ... I think it should be a swan?~

 ~Behind this one was a text "My dream place".
If my dream place was like that when i was little ... I'm not wondering anymore why i'm so weird~

 ~There is a robot.~

 ~I don't have a glue what those are.~

 ~Some Picasso-like again. heh~

 ~Tell me are they houses, phones or what?~

 ~And would you like to taste some "rotten" fruits. haha.~

 ~I call this "Tabaluga" for now on. It was one tv-program for kids, when i was little. heh. 
I think it is a dragon.~

 ~There is a beach and palm tree, sun and horazion ~

~I think that isn't the right way to do table, if you want that it looks like more real.~

 ~Pihlaja - mountain ash in english [i think]~

~The Rocking horse~


~And robot again.~

And then we have stuff i have made in school.

 ~I have made this in grade school. My sis took this for her stuff. heh~

 ~Easter Egg!! Why these eggs now following me? But well I think Eggy i cuter than this. haha.~

 ~Aaah. My dear Psydack pillow! What a masterpiece!~
 I don't remember how old i was, when we made pillows in school.

 ~I'm pretty sure that i have made this box in art school, whih was after school once a week.
I was in that art school about 3 years. So i have a lot of art works from there.~

 ~These bowls are also made in art school.~

~This. I'm not sure have i done this in school or in art school. But it's kinda cute anyway.~

~But now i'm sure that i have made this worm in school. Oh, i really do NOT miss those lessons. hah. Knitting and stuff are just not for me.~

~Also something i don't miss. heh. I liked more wood working lessons.~

Then i wanna show some old toys we found.♥
Some of these bring so much memories into my mind.

~My mom have made this teddy. It's from one kid's program which they showed on tv whe i was a baby.
I loved that program so muc that mom had to made me a teddy like on tv. His name is Titi-Nalle. 
You can google it, if you want to know more. :] ~

 ~Dipsy! This belonged to my sister. Dipsys eyes are broken. :[
When my sister was a baby, she totally loved Teletubbies.~

 ~These belonged to my brother. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles~♪♫♪~

 ~I don't remember where i have got this, but i play with this a lot when i was a child. It start to jump when you switch it on.~

 ~I'm sorry about her face. Zero stoled it and you don't wanna know what this toy looks like right now.
I don't rember the program where this toy is from, but i liked it so much.~

 ~This is a bank. We all - me, my brother and my sister have banks like this.~

 ~Yeah from Digimon. It is a tamagotchi. heh. I have to try does it still work.~

 ~My doll house♥ Well, it was my moms. Her grandpa made it for her when she was a little.~
 I remember how much i play with this. But not with dolls. I play with little animals. heh

~Every girl should have a barbie car. But in this case it was more like animal car. Like you can see.~

~If i'm not erong this is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-toy~

Next we have here is few toys which belong to my mom.

 ~It's a wooden pig - made by my mom's grandpa. I think even it's very simple it's so cute.~

~This my mom has made. I don't know what it is, but it's damn adorable♥~

And then; You can't imagine how much there was this dolpihin stuff, and drawings etc. I really loved dolphins♥ And i still do. But i was pretty fanatic in that time. haha.

~Some stuff i found.~

 ~It's All about dolphins~

~Don't get it wrong. There was a little cute cute dolphin [one of my favorite toys in that time] and a mermaid. 
But they have been lost now lo long.~

~Like you can see. Dolphins are best!~

I found also my old school books. Here is "few" which i have left.

 ~Pic above we have finnish language, math from 5th grade, my first english books and some geography.
Then we have my 7th grades finnish book and 6th grade's math book.~

 ~Math from 3th grade. I think that book is half done. I was such a great student ♥
And there is 3rd grade finnish book.~

 ~Above we have geography from 6th grade.
Under; some study advisor's books. From 7-8 grades~

~My english books ♥ I have one in my room cause i need it sometimes. heh.
I think i should read it more often tho.~

Middle point check out.

~This is how much i had just paper in my stuff - at first.~

~After some time, there was as much paper like the first time ...~

Then finally we can move to "True treasures" part. And i just want to say before we start to look some pics that some of the stuff we found - is kinda ... well you can figure out yourself. heh.

 ~Well, confirmation photos from all this five years i have been camp leader. And yes that is me. Damn i look weird haha!! Next to me is my dear friend. I miss that camp so much. We have so much fun, did we my "raksupoksu" ♥ hehe.~

 ~My hymn-book i have got in school i guess. I even didn't remember i hav this.~

 ~And now i won't wondering anymore, why i looked so horrible when i start to make up. 
hahahah Why i still have this!?~

~My pretty sister and her babys. hehe.~

~And my sister has been very good writer when she was still in kindergarden♥
All the way - totally upside down. Or then she tried some mirror writing?~

 ~Antti Tuisku♥ My first fangirl-target. I still love his music after this, i guess five years now. 
And i think you all really should listen his last two albums. Lyrics are just great!~

 ~Then some old diarys and friendbooks and stuff.
It was fun to read this after many years.~

~Some strange glasess that i even didn't remember anymore.
hahah. Never gona wear those again.~

 ~Some glovs without them other half. haha.
Why they arehere!?~

 ~This one was so great. Buss schedule from 2004?!
I have been so saving. Maybe i will need this one day. haha~

 ~You remember when i said i don't like knitting at all and it's just not for me. 
But i still have knitting sticks here?~


 ~My sister has been very saving also. She has saved candy papers and bubble gum.
So cute. heheh.~

 ~And then my rocks♥ I really don't know why i have put these in boxes.~

~And finally the best thing we found. CATFOOD?! WTF?
I think we have give this to Zero when me and one of my friend were little. 
But i still can not understand what this catfood doing here. In these boxes. haha.~

Here you just saw our Cleaning operation. I hope u enjoyed these pics and stuff.
And if you really had time to read this all congratulations!! And thank you. There was so much pics and stuff, that even i almost quit once.

But now i will sigh and go ~ seenyaa!!

p.s. I try to write soon as possible about those Kipinä stuffs.