Jussi and other summer stuff ~

Hello everyone !! It have been long time.

Summer is gone. So sad. But i think it's nice that autumn will come. 1st i will have something to do and i'm not bored all the time! 2nd i have much of plans. i start to do then right after i get well. Yes - i'm sick again. i have started to think everything isn't quite right now coz i'm again sick. About a month ago i was sick also.

But anyway this post will be all about what have happen in this summer. i'm sorry it's not gonna be very detailed. i should go to sleep soon. i wanna beat this fever fast !!

So here; My summer ~

I spend whole middsummer with my dear friend Nea♥ And i can only say we had so awesome time !!
I think that next time we should hire tha professional chef or something. I miss those days.

My dear sis has away. With her .. scouting people. i'm not sure what that is in english sorry. But the most important thing is that she didn't bring me any presents !! hehw So unfair. But i was nice to have her back♥

Some of you maybe already know, but i'm terribly clumsy sometimes. Like this time. I tried to open one little paint can and oops. It bleeded like hell. And it was sore so long. Scissors are not our friends. :D

One of my favorite moments. Taking a naps with my baby. ♥ Even my bed still isn't the right place for him. hehw.  Now i haven't seen him about in two weeks and this longing killing me. When you don't have your baby around, who all the time following you and keeps you comapany when you feel alone - it's terrible. Only half week and we are together again.

"Stareing competition !!"

My baby know's many tricks. Now we finally found a bag he liks also.

Little video about my baby. He's looking for a treat which is in the bag and he try to get it from the wrong pocket. He actually got annoyed when mom tried to help him. He wanna do everything by himself♥

"I go then by myself !"

And when i say everything i mean everything. heheww He get tired for waiting sis so he decided to go for a walk by himself ....

"No dear, we can't go to market now."

My baby is also pretty goo to get stuck. He wanted his toy which was under his chair. He is too big to go under the chair without any help so we lift the chair for him. And he didn't came out anymore. He stay there few moments and then we have to help him out.

My "favorite" toy ever.

I have spent a lot of time with my friend and my godson. ♥ I can't believe he gonna have his 1st birthday soon. And i still can not understant how something can be so cute and absolutely adorable. it's gonna be so difficult to say no to him. heheww


I was one day again at Silja's place and i drove home. When i drove through area where was a lot houses - and i suddenly started to think why i didn't leave earlier. I saw about ten guys. Who was totally drunk. Walking, some of them almost crowl.
For some mystery reason, they had forgot all they clothes somewhere. hahahwww. They sang and keep walking.
When they saw me i really scared that they gonna jump in front of me and my scooter. Luckily they didn't. I speeded up a little. I really didn't wanted to stay there. Their message was pretty clear ....... hahahahwww.

After i got home, we laughed at those guys a little and drink and talk with my parents. We went inside about 5AM and woke up my sis. Sorry sis♥ but it was funny evening.

~Before and after~
Cleaning freak - so called me. One day i cleaned up our terrace. It was much worse looking than in tht pic. It took about half day. But i'm so happy it's clean now.

We was about a week at our summer house. I tell you more about that trip some other time. When i get all pics from the camera.

Say hello to Pontus.

When we came back from our summer house we visited my cousin and her family. Long time no see. I have to say i love Pontus. Even he tried to be little too friendly and jumpped almost into my lap while i pet him. I had to show him which one is the boss. hehw Coz he is Big boy !! Adult rottweiler. But anyway he is cute and kind. Even sometimes he don't understant his powers. hehew
For some reason he loves me and wanted that i pet him all the time. ???

Can i introduce; Tara.

My cousin has a new puppy also. Tara the German Shepherd. So cute little thing ♥ And so playful. All the time; play, play and play

How i love rain. Speacialy warm summer rain. And big thunderstorms !! i don't know why thunder and storms are one of the most beautiful things.
We were visited my other granny one day. And there was a Huge thunderstorm. Lights keep flashing and powers came of and on. Everyone else was little scared worried, but i absolutely loved it. i just sat there and enjoyed it ~

One day i did talk about storms with one of my friends and i realized that if here would come huge tornado or something ... i would be Outside and just keep stareing the storm like a hypnotized.
i can not understant how something can be so beautiful, unstoppable, deadly powerful, unpredictable and actually pretty damn sexy at the same time. hehew. Yeah keep me crazy, i don't care, but adore storms.

Deadly ice-cram bomb.

Note for everyone; Do not eat ice-cream. Specially this kind of !! Too much ice-cream for one day. Or a week !!
We went to see newest Harry Potter with my sis in the same day (with some candys and stuff of course) Not a good idea !! Only thing what i wanted to do after the movie was ; Throw up. And not only coz all that sugar. Coz the movie also. Have i ever told i am romantic person yes. but i can't stand romantic movies. Or movie with idiot over romantic kissing-scenes in totally weird places. Yak !!

i think there was almost my whole summer. Here is couple more funny pics for you.

It's me. Age of one. I think those are perhaps the best photos of me Ever !! Or what you think ?? hahaww

I also saw few days ago a man who skied in the middle of the summer !? He had whole skieing outfit and everything. Where hell i live !!

There was it then. i apologize if i made mistakes while i wrote. i had been sick (again) and i just wanted to finish this post fast as possible. i have tried to do this many weeks now.

But Seenya my dear animals ~~ grouhh. ;)
i try to write again soon as i can.

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