Yeah well hello !! And like you can see up there, this day (like too many other lately) has been CRRRazy. In many ways.

First - i have got an awesome friend from the workshop. Oh my dear Laura i love ya ♥ It's really rare that  click so well with someone. If you know what i mean. There is only few persons and friendships like this. I really don't know tho how long my lungs will last coz every time we are in the same room or place, it's all about laugh, craziness, madness and totally idiot and stupid humor. I don't know what my days gonna be like, without her now when she will go to work. (;__;) I'm so happy for her, but still little sad. I'm gonna lose my dear wife♥ heheww

Then how about today? Great thanks for asking. We visited in ballet. Think about it a second. Me watching ballet. And that i loved it !! We saw ballet called Cinderella - tragic story. Like i said i really really enjoy it. It was so beautiful - dances, moving, music, sets everything. My favorite character was evil stepmother. I could go again over and over again.

Third thing, About my skin. It start to heal. I don't know what i should think or do coz all make ups still stay on my skin. That feeling is something so strange that i still haven't quit understand it. Today i bought new foundation - liquid one ?! Haven't been able to use one in many years coz my skin's oiliness. I get help in Kicks today and now i should have a right one and good tips how to use it right. Can't wait to try it. Now i finally can do different kind of make ups like i have dreamed of.

Next - i have hairdresser on next Monday. Omg - can't say anything else. I have to let someone else to touch my hair and i should explain what i wanna do to my hair. Luckily Laura come with me. hehww.
But ah - first new skin - and next !Totally! new hair. I want something totally different this time. Little scary, coz i know myself and what i really can do with my hair.
But i hope this also give me some boost to go on and on. Now i need to only lose more weight - what i have started to lose already.

All my rings starting to be too big. Soon they fall from my hand !! And well clothes fit better also, which is normal. But i think all this Nordic walking really works. And YES i do that !! And i love it. It's not only for middle-age Finnish people. :p
One and half - two hours walks, few times per week - working !! Well of course i have to go out right after that with Zero again. Difficult - but i like it. More exercise. haha

I recommend Nordic walking to everyone. Specially if you can't run or you have some other block and healthy reasons why you can't move and exercise with your 100% This is perfect for me and my damn knees. Next i should start to do some sit-ups and stuff again. Have to find some time for that in somewhere.

But now i have to run - i still have make ups on and everything and i should be in bed already. I also gonna meet Meri tomorrow. First time. Gonna be fun. :)

Night night animals ~ Sweet dreams~

Song of the day ~ Zoro「ゾロ」 - POLICE

p.s.  At the moment i feel just great ~ And that i can do anything i want.
Thanks ppl ~ ♥

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