Hello !! I do a really quick update now, coz i should be already in bed and SLEEP !!

But today we were in some place with workship people (read; me, Laura, Matti and one of the leaders.)
We were there Whole day - but we had so much fun. Just have to say; me and Laura = bad bad match haha !!

After that me and Laura went to quick visit to Jumbo. We wanted Parrot's yoghurt nuts ♥ After that i went to Jepsu's house and we talked about the workshop's Open Door's day and we pretty much have our song ready. Now we have to only train a little. heheww. The song will be Missä muruseni on bt Jenni Variainen which i have covered earlier on Youtube.

But after this little story about my busy day, i'll tell you the thing came here to tell you.

While we were on Helsinki today and while me and Laura waited, that our leader, i looked at the mirror. I was literally in little shock, coz my face looked the same as it was when we left from the workshop house. I know Laura laughed at me, coz i keep watching myself on the restaurant's window. But it looked the same !! I had put my make ups on this morning and it was still the same that it was afternoon !! Normally i had to put my make ups on Twice in one day. In morning and again in the evening, if i go somewhere. 

Any make ups haven't stayed on my skin more than hour or two. After that my skin start to be so oily that the make ups just kinda fall off. If you know what i mean. 
But it did not do this today !!

And little more about how the medicine has started to work. My back get first little better, but now i have spots. Also few on my face. So this "getting worse"-thing came on 3rd week now. But they have started to heal little so this won't maybe last very long. I hope !! Coz it hurts ...

There that was. Pretty quick yeah. :p

But Now ~ Night night !! I really have to go to Sleep !! (- -)''

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