BACK!! hopefully for good!!

Heyoo again. Like many times before i apologize again coz the long pause. If i'm honest i haven't feel good lately. Now i feel much much better. actually i start to feel really good.

Over a month ago i started to feel really really tired. i don't remember did i tell you about this. And i don't mean the feeling when you haven't slept enough. i only wanted to sleep all the time. Sleep, sleep and sleep as much as i just could during the day and i really slept literally some days half of the day. It started to effect to my workshop and also to my relationships with friends etc. coz i was just way too tired all the time to really think anything clever. Luckily my workshop leaders saw this and made me to go to see doctor. Now i have seen my depression nurse and doctor regularly and i also got medicines. We talk a lot about then with the doctor and nurse and finally i said yes to them. Even i was little skeptical about them at first, now i am very happy i took them.

Now i have ate them about a week and i can even eat again. They made me feel so sick at first (like doctor said). I also saw my dermatologist and i got new prescription to my acne medicines. It have been nice when others has noticed that i feel better. But that was about it.

Zero wanna say hello to all of you. He sleep on the floor next to me. Now when i'm much more better and most important awake i could do a post about my new room. We have repair my room about now 3 months with dad and have to say this looks very good. So much better than the old one. And i also have a lot of pics which i should share with you. I could do again little post and tell what all i have done with the pics. Now i don't have tie till Tuesday coz i have test coming. I should read but people who know me knows that me and reading just do not match! I have to tomorrow really try to sit down and read. Even a though about it make me think what other things i should do tomorrow. hahaw.

i also should start to looking a job. First a part time and hopefully i could soon do full days. i just don't wanna rush so much (even i really would want to) coz now i have got myself pretty good condition.

Well there it was. I tried to keep this short coz i should go to sleep soon. i wasn't late in whole last week from workshop. I wanna keep it that way! It is so nice to go now to workshop when you know there is very good friend and that i can actually do stuff now. :) Thanks Elina♥ PENA POWER!! hahahaww

i miss so much everyone. My friends in Finland who live far away. My friends who live somewhere else than Finland which is even more far away. And specially my drear who lives way too far away. *sigh* Such a life when everyone live so far away. But i will fight for them. Someday i have own airplane and a ship - or no. i hate ships, they are scary. Or at least money to go to visit Everyone !! I have to buy a ticket around the world i guess. :D i just wanna visit everyone !! But well i will get a job and then think that. i miss working a lot.

Now i have to go tho. To sleep. Even i have very nice company at the moment on Skype. But if i wanna have even a chance to study tomorrow i have to sleep. So ~

night night my little animals~