It is Zeros corner

Name; Zero
Birth; -
Gender; Male?
Species;  Multi-animal/zoo
Eyes; Big brown, great for begging
Fur; Beautilul, long, soft, brown-gray-white fur, which make old ladies go crrrazy. heh
Place; Beside your plate or you on the sofa watching Dr. Phil.

Hobby/Interested in; Eating, cathing flys and other bugs, eating again, have as much as petting he can.
TV; Dr. Phil, Heartbeat, The Doctors
Scare; Fireworks, men
Like; Eating YOUR food, sleep outside, swimming, treats, kissing, play with daddy's feet
Hate; Shower, salad
Dreams; To became taster for dog-biscuit factory.
Special features; Love clothes, bum and tale are holy things. Do not touch.haha.