Me - who?

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Name; kiku
Birth; 91/03/12
Gender; fe[male]?
Height; About 165cm
Eyes; Blue-green-gray
Hair; Unknown
Place; Somewhere between nightmare and heaven.

Inspired by; hide, GACKT, Marie [マリー], TOYO TSUTSULI, Miyavi, music, the world, my love ones
Hobby/Interested in; Music, songwriting, composing, languages, Asia, photography, interior decoration, make ups, hairstyles, painting,
TV; Pasila, 24, Heartbeat, South Park, The Dudesons,
Movie; Bunraku, Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Another Gay Movie, The Brother Grimm, Lost boys, Edward Scissorhands, Totoro, National Treasures, Disney, Pixar
Scare; People, shouting, sometimes dark, horror movies [even i like them haha]
Like;  Have long conversations with people, night time, to listeing people's opinions and worries, help others, do make ups, spiders & snakes etc., colors,
Hate; Bullying, lying, fighting, early wake ups, skin problems argh!, bad hair days, word "Lol", 

Games; Ameba Pico
Piercings; Two on lip, one on eyebrow, dreaming for more
Tattoos; Have few in mind i want to have - SOON !! 
Dreams; To became musician/songwriter, to become youth leader and just help people
After 10 years; Hopefully liveing my dream life, in place i can call home, with people i love.
Special features; Kinda boyish, really sensitive, sometimes keep drown in her own dreams, romantic heh, love to wrote poems to others, can't sleep well in her own room without music, hair have to be perfect 24/7, love to watch pianist's hands while they play piano, cry easily, cruch easily - but falling in love is totally different thing.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~